Making Safety Personal MSP™ is a training programme for public and private entities that are committed to bridging the behavioural aspect of the causes of accidents, incidents and near misses.

MSP™ delivers the following:

  • Proactive personal training
  • Lasting effects / impacts and tools to enable a consistently safe workplace
  • Positive cultural development and improvement
  • Training developed for all employees of a company (from the boardroom to the workplace)
  • Improves communication/coordination
  • Enables constructive feedback to drive improvement
  • Contributes to improving all aspects of your business (safety/ quality / productivity)

Why use the MSP™ programme?

  • MSP™ is most personal safety behavioural improvement programme in the world
  • It is different – the programme provides for lasting change via a supplementary 12 month focus programme
  • It has proven results with millions of man hours worked without LTIs

Key Concepts

  • Drive QEHS culture through the group with all personnel comfortable making interventions
  • Create a positive culture via personal awareness of the effects of personal injuries to your nearest and dearest
  • Create an environment where constructive feedback is used to improve your business
  • Improve proactive trending tools
  • The “Power of 1” conversation per day
  • Work to Live mind-set
  • “Pausing for Safety” benefits
  • Improving management and employee relationships
  • Facilitating a practical wellness programme for your workforce
  • Enabling lasting change – 12 month focus programme issued to supplement the training provided


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